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Year 11 – Stage 1 South Australian Certificate of Education [SACE] (CRICOS course code 096271E)


Year 12 – Stage 2 South Australian Certificate of Education [SACE] (CRICOS course code 096272D)


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Other (Non-Tuition) Fees

Camps / Excursions


Uniform Fee


ITC and Materials Fee

$2,500 per year

Application Fee (non - refundable)


Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 2018

*$60 per month

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*Amount may vary


a) Prior to Commencement

New students who are non-starters but have made a partial fee payment and had their VISA granted are not permitted to transfer to another Education Provider within the first six (6) months of their principal course of study. The School has no obligation to refund any fees or other charges that are related to course preparation under such circumstances.


b) Unsuccessful VISA application

New students who are non-starters but have made a partial fee payment and have their VISA application rejected are entitled to receive a refund.  A Refund Request Form needs to be accurately completed and submitted to SAIS Finance Department.


The refund process will take 14 to 28 working days from the day that the School receives the correctly completed form. The refundable amount will be all monies paid except the application fee.  


c) Withdrawal after commencement

  1. Current or continuing students who wish to withdraw from the School must provide a minimum of six (6) months’ notice by means of written notification to the Head, Secondary Studies. Failure to provide such notice will result in two terms fees being invoiced. Please refer to the Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling Policy for more information.

  2. In the case of exclusion or expulsion caused by misbehaviour of the student, no refund is applicable.


This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. SAIS complaints and appeals processes do no circumscribe your right to pursue other legal remedies.


Medical Costs

SAIS is hereby authorised to seek medical treatment for a student should such action be deemed necessary by SAIS or a staff member on behalf of SAIS. The student agrees to indemnify SAIS for any expense, loss, damage of liability of whatsoever nature occasioned as a result of authorising and arranging such emergency medical treatment.


Student VISA Conditions

International students in Australia are required to abide by their student VISA conditions. Information about student VISA conditions is available on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website at The ESOS Framework also sets out the responsibilities of international students on student VISAs, as well as the education providers’ responsibilities.

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